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- My name is Stuart (John) Drury, hence SJD, and I've put this website together to share my bird keeping experiences with fellow hobbyists around the world.

I started keeping birds in 2001 and got my first Java sparrow's in 2005. I now only keep Java's and, I believe, have gained a lot of useful knowledge through my experiences with the species and through great advice passed on from some of the UK's top Java breeders.

By clicking the "Java Central " button below you can access all of the information I have written about my experinces with Java's.

I must stress, before you go any further, I AM NOT AN EXPERT, I am merely a bird keeping hobbyist (like most of you visiting this website), I have no qualifications in animal care or husbandry and all of the information written is purely based on my experiences and should not be taken as factually correct.

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